25 Feb – Stirling Speakers: Networking using Facebook

Join us for our Stirling Speakers session presented by Sarah Thomson, Online Social Butterfly, and learn how to optimise your Facebook profile to put your best virtual foot forward and network online. You will also discover the power of Facebook groups and the 5 key strategies to effectively network using Facebook groups..

11 Mar – Stirling Speakers: Protecting Your Ideas

Join us for this Stirling Speakers session and find out how you can protect your business ideas.

Intangible assets in the form of intellectual property differentiate you from your competitors and we will look at the different kinds of IP so that you can understand the options you have for your business. As part of this session, presented by Madeleen – Williams + Hughes, we will also take a look at a couple of interesting IP war stories to get you thinking.

26 Mar – Stirling Speakers: Building a Brand to Maximise Profit

This Stirling Speakers will outline the fundamentals of building a strong brand and provide guidelines on how you can grow the value of your brand. Using these fundamentals, every business has the potential to move from being a price taker to a price maker, maximising profit through a strong brand.

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